Lynette Hoelter

Lynette F Hoelter

Archivist, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, Institute for Social Research


Lynette Hoelter is an associate archivist at ICPSR and a research affiliate of the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan. At ICPSR, she is involved in projects related to quantitative reasoning and statistical literacy, especially within the undergraduate social science curriculum. Lynette is also Principal Investigator of a project to preserve and disseminate data about Gates Millennium Scholar awardees and finalists for use by researchers, policy makers, and administrators. Trained as a sociologist, her research interests include the study of family and relationship processes and best practices for teaching and learning quantitative skills. She has also taught for the departments of sociology and urban and regional planning, the survey methodology program, and ICPSR at the University of Michigan.

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