Elizabeth “Libby” Douvan Junior Scholars Fund in Life Course Development

Natalie Sabik, 2012 Douvan Scholar

Natalie Sabik, 2012 Douvan Scholar.

The Elizabeth Douvan Junior Scholar Fund in Life Course Development was established by the students, colleagues, and friends of Libby Douvan to honor her life and work by encouraging research agendas in Life Course Development and supporting junior researchers in the departments where Libby spent most of her intellectual life. The Fund was designed to give a helping hand to senior graduate students, post-doctoral candidates, and junior faculty members with research agendas in Life Course Development, with a preference for applicants with an identified affiliation with the Department of Psychology, the Women’s Studies Program, or the Institute for Research on Women and Gender. Scholars at this point in their careers are often at their most creative and productive and most fragile. Libby is fondly remembered for her skill and caring in assisting researchers through this stage of their careers. The goal of the Fund is to support the research and training activities of junior researchers.

Nicky Newton, 2011 Douvan Scholar.

Elizabeth “Libby” Douvan joined the University of Michigan faculty in 1950 as a lecturer, just prior to receiving her doctorate in Social Psychology from the University. During her career with the University, she contributed to the founding of the Women’s Studies Program and was a pioneer in the Institute for Social Research Survey Research Center and the first female member of our research faculty. She was well known for her scholarship in such topics as family roles and mental health, the changing American family, female development, the roles and status of women, modes of conflict resolution, adolescent development, and the psychological functions of high school and college experiences. In the early 1950s, she and Joe Veroff founded the Family and Sex Roles Program. The ISR program is now called Life Course Development, and is directed by Libby’s post-doctoral student, the Elizabeth M. Douvan Collegiate Professor of Psychology, Toni Antonucci.

Application Process

Please see the Fellowships & Awards Homepage for award amounts and application deadlines, updated at the end of each calendar year. If you have any questions about the award process, please send an email to umisr-awards@umich.edu.

Additional Expectations

  • At one year mark, you will be asked to share an update about the status of your research.
  • Acknowledge ISR and this award’s support in publications and presentations.

Douvan Award Recipients

Rita Hu, 2021 – Doctoral Candidate, Joint Program in Social Work and Developmental Psychology
Claire Hatkevich, 2019 – Psychiatry Post-doctoral Scholar in Michigan Medicine
Lauren Tighe, 2018 – Graduate Student in Psychology and Social Work, University of Michigan
Arianna Gard, 2017 – Graduate Student in Psychology, University of Michigan
Jasmine Manalel, 2016 – Graduate Student in Psychology, University of Michigan
Bill Chopik, 2015 – Graduate Student in Psychology, University of Michigan
Ishtar Govia, 2014 – Postdoctoral Scholar in the Program for Research on Black Americans, ISR
Wylie Wan, 2014 – Postdoctoral Scholar in the Life Course Development Program, ISR
Johnny Berona, 2013 – Graduate Student in Psychology, University of Michigan
Natalie Sabik, 2012 – Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology, Brandeis University
Nicky Newton, 2011 – Assistant Professor of Psychology, Youngstown State University
Rona Carter, 2010 – Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan

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