The Institute for Social Research depends on the tireless work of our faculty, research staff, and many other ISR employees who support the overall mission.

ISR employees

Nearly 2,000 employees — faculty and staff alike — make the work at ISR possible. Our research couldn’t take place without the many different people who find ways to support key aspects of the process, using their diverse skills and perspectives to take our contributions to social science to new and unprecedented heights. At every level, the faculty and staff of ISR play a crucial role in shaping the institute’s research agenda, securing funding, promoting its work, and building a strong community of researchers.

Research Expenditures represent the costs associated with externally sponsored research projects. Expenditures are a metric used to gauge the health of the Institute. Increasing expenditures indicate proposal submissions and awards to the Institute are increasing year over year within the centers. Currently, expenditures are at an all-time high and trending up with more than 65% of expenditures coming from National Institute of Health (NIH) awards. ISR receives most of its funding from the NIH. 

In FY 23, ISR received more than 150 externally sponsored awards from a variety of sponsors including federal, non-federal, industry and foundation entities. Award amounts have been increasing over the past several years. Federal sponsors account for nearly 75% of all awards to ISR. The value of those awards is at an all-time high of over $140M this year. 

Award Funding
Research Expenditures
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