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300+ faculty & associates, 365 publications in 2022, 2,350 media mentions in 2022

ISR is the world’s largest academic social science survey and research organization, and over the last year, we’ve put our resources and energy toward answering some of the biggest and most important questions of our time. 

Our researchers have conducted key studies on inequality, the status of our democracy, our population’s health, and the racial, gender, and identity makeup of the United States and the world, offering innovative solutions to perplexing issues at every turn. 

We’ve also worked to equip our fellow researchers at other institutions, giving them the tools they need to advance research in a wide range of fields while providing data and resources to anyone willing to join us as we push the boundaries of our knowledge further and further. 

In the past year, research conducted at ISR has shed new light on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Data from the Health and Retirement Study offers a new look at the effects of aging and what they mean for population health.
  • Data from the Michigan Recession and Recovery Study found increased symptoms of mental illness among those who experienced housing instability.
  • A new tool developed by researchers assesses older adults’ access to civic and social organizations, cultural centers such as museums and art galleries, and recreation centers that may help protect against cognitive decline as a person ages.

A joint pilot program between ISR and College of Engineering awarded grants to four teams of interdisciplinary researchers studying rural life. ISR and CoE are leaders in interdisciplinary research, combining the expertise and perspectives of diverse disciplines to address real-world problems.

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