Fellowships & Awards

ISR Fellowships and Awards are managed by different Centers within the Institute, and have different eligibility, applications, and deadlines. Please refer to the attached document for 2021 award amounts and application deadlines.

Be sure to see awards offered by the Center for Political Studies, ICPSR Summer Program, Population Studies Center, and Research Center for Group Dynamics at the bottom of this page.

Jerald and Virginia Bachman Research Fellowship on Change in American Youth

Supports graduate students to examine patterns and changes in the lifestyles and values of American youth and young adults, working with faculty and staff of and using data from, the Monitoring the Future (MTF) project.

Angus Campbell Scholars Fund

Supports graduate students who are conducting research dealing with quality of life and psychological well-being.

Charles Cannell Fund in Survey Methodology

Supports junior researchers investigating the relationship between survey respondents and survey interviewers.

Elizabeth “Libby” Douvan Junior Scholars Fund in Life Course Development

Provides research grants to emerging scholars investigating roles and relationships and their effects on physical and mental health.

A. Regula Herzog Young Investigators Fund

Supports the research and training of junior researchers, especially women and those studying older populations.

F. Thomas Juster Economic Behavior Research Award Fund

Supports emerging scholars conducting economic research using the Health and Retirement Study, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers, or time use data.

Robert Kahn Fellowship for the Scientific Study of Social Issues

Provides dissertation support for one U-M doctoral candidate each year who is committed to using empirical science to help solve the challenges confronting society.

George Katona Economic Behavior Research Award Fund

Supports emerging scholars who are interested in how economic expectations shape consumer behavior and the macroeconomy.

Daniel Katz Dissertation Fellowship in Psychology and Survey Methodology

Supports a PhD Candidate in Psychology or Survey Methodology in alternating years (Psychology in odd numbered years and Survey Methodology in even numbered years).

Robert and Judy Marans/Kan and Lillian Chen Dissertation Award in Sustainability and Survey Methodology

Provides need-based support for a U-M doctoral candidate to conduct a social survey on an environmental sustainability problem that is central to their dissertation, along with support for coursework to enhance their survey skills.

James Morgan Innovation in the Analysis of Economic Behavior Fund

Provides a Fellowship equivalent to a 0.5 GSRA position for one semester for a University of Michigan graduate student to conduct innovative research on economic behavior using data from the Panel Study on Income Dynamics (PSID).

Marshall Weinberg Population, Development, and Climate Change Fellows Program

Supports students doing research at the intersection of climate change, demography, and development. Administered by the ISR Population Studies Center and the School for Environment and Sustainability.

All Awards from the Center for Political Studies (CPS)

The Center for Political Studies offers 6 prestigious awards, open to graduate students conducting research on American political behavior, racial and ethnic politics, international political development, public opinion, educational attainment, and more.

All Awards from the ICPSR Summer Program

The ICPSR Summer Program offers several scholarships that provide registration (tuition) fee waivers to the four-week sessions. (The Owen Scholarship can be used to cover the registration fee for a 3- to 5-day workshop.) Please click the link above for specific award and application information.

All Awards from the Population Studies Center (PSC)

The Population Studies Center Small Grants Program supports predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees’ research and training activities. Funding is provided through endowments to the Center. Learn more about research and training activities supported by PSC endowments.

All Awards from the Research Center for Group Dynamics (RCGD)

RCGD is proud to support and administer both the Eugene and Martha Burnstein University of Warsaw Social Science Scholars Exchange Fund and Robert B. Zajonc Scholars Fund, which is available to early career graduate students.

To learn about other funds and read about past recipients, visit the Giving section of this website.

To learn about other sources of financial aid at the University of Michigan, visit the U-M Office of Financial Aid website.

ISR Next Generation awards are made possible by the generosity and legacies of our donors and friends:

  • Alumni of the Michigan Program in Survey Methodology
  • Alumni of the Population Studies Center Training Program
  • Jerald and Virginia Bachman
  • Eugene and Martha Burnstein
  • Angus Campbell
  • Charles Cannell
  • Kan and Lillian Chen
  • Phillip Converse
  • Elizabeth “Libby” Douvan
  • Ronald and Deborah Freedman
  • Henry “Hank” Heitowit
  • Albert Hermalin
  • A. Regula Herzog
  • James S. Jackson
  • F. Thomas Juster
  • Robert Kahn
  • George Katona
  • Daniel Katz
  • Leslie Kish
  • Seymour and Marilyn Lieberman
  • Rensis Likert
  • Robert and Judy Marans
  • Warren Miller
  • James Morgan
  • Eva L. Mueller
  • Ken Organski
  • Roy Pierce
  • Sarri Family
  • Eleanor Singer
  • Garth Taylor
  • Hanes Walton, Jr.
  • Marshall Weinberg
  • Robert Zajonc
  • Bill Zimmerman